Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Hey hey dolls, i want to believe you'all been keeping up well, so today its all about vintage, actually its one of my favorite styles. Seriously though, how cool are the latest vintage clothing, like what our parents used to wear is back with a little modern twist. If you were lucky enough to snick a pair or two from your moms closet oh well good for you. As for me, mmmh not a chance aaarrgh.. Anyways not to worry i have compiled some pieces for you thanks to uncle GOOGLE lol and other sites. Also if you are interested there is a page on face
book called POSH AND MUSH that will help you get the vintage pieces you want.

This style is from denim, floral print, mixed print just to mention a few, also polka dot, chiffon lacey dresses and tops, high low skirts and many more.

 As we go by i will be showing you how  to dress some of this pieces together and look good. I love you all mwwaaaaaah!

Monday, 29 April 2013


Hey hey my loves, i know, its been too long. You have no idea i have so many thing in store for you... prepared a whole lot of goodies while i was on my long break, one being i will be showing the latest trends and how to own them by dressing the pieces whichever way you like without looking chip and trashy. Also every week, i will be having guests here.. isn't that exciting, they will be giving fashion advice and having a run down on their fave pieces, and so
much more, i cant wait to show you guys everything have been working on. keep it locked it love you dolls mwaaaaa!!!!!!