Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Hey my Loves

Hope you are all keeping warm. So, the boyfriend pants have definitely grown in popularity recently, and good thing they come in  various styles. But there's a key to pulling off the look. Here are few tips to get your chic and stylish boyfriend pants look.


DO find jeans that fit you correctly. Boyfriend jeans are meant to be loose and roomy, but they should still fit in the waist. Make sure they are not too baggy! Look for a straight-leg style.

DO choose a pair that has a "worn-in" look. After all, the concept of "boyfriend jeans" is that you have, in theory, stolen your boyfriend's favorite pair of worn jeans and are wearing them around town--so they shouldn't look brand new!


DO pair the denim with a feminine shirt. It doesn't have to be tight-fitting, but something that has a girly aspect to it (frills, bright color, a fun pattern) will help balance out the masculinity of the pants


DON'T be scared to roll them up for a cropped look. They look great rolled and paired with everything from stilettos to flat sandals and ankle boots-a great look for any season!


DON'T go overboard with the "worn-in" look. A few holes and tears in the denim is part of the look, but too many rips makes it look sloppy. Find the happy medium.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Hey My Loves,

How are you all keeping up with this cold weather? first let me apologize for going MIA (missing in action), but i'm glad to be back. Well with this kind of weather it must be extremely difficult to find what to wear, but don’t worry, you don’t have to forgo looking good all in the name of keeping war. There are many ways to dress so you can stay warm and still show off your fashion sense, and none of them require breaking the bank.Below are some tips for braving the cold and still looking hot:

Time for style up on this cold season.Love

Friday, 7 June 2013


Hello Dolls,
Happy Friday, so, as usual it is guest day, and our guest for today is none other than Miss Hendrica Chebet. Enjoy!!!

Tell me about your style.
I go for stuff that complement my body, skin tone and hide my flaws. I am very particular on colors, fabric and fitting (I hate tight revealing stuff) while modesty is not my style.
Where do you get your fashion inspiration?
I am very keen on emerging trends (I owned a couple of vintage before it even hit here) I get inspiration from the great catwalks, magazines, I watch a lot of TV too
As you know ladies like to collect things, what do you like to collect?
I am addicted to wallets and purses and I am willing to invest heavily on this!

What are the key essential items you always have in your handbag?
Phone, notepad and pen, lip-gloss. Make up poach (compressed powder, tissues, wipes, eyebrow pencil) and gum. I know I need sandals, but I always forget even with my shoes constantly disappointing me
Are you a trendsetter, a trend follower or both?
Both. I believe trends never work if they don’t look good on your body. If I am going to be labeled a trend follower and I look good, then by all means I am a follower.
Still on trends, what's your take on the latest trends?  Yay to all, or nay to some?
I got a big bum, so imagine how jumpsuits look on me! Eeeeeww! Generally I love the new trend  which gives a lady look. It doesn’t close out fashion style on women from any age groups.
What do you need to complete your everyday look?
Earrings! I swear I feel naked without them.  I own so many loops I am losing count.
What don't we know about you as far as fashion is concern?
Don’t kill me but I secretly despise SOME African style. I hate the way the some jewelry and clothes look voodoo!
Are you a high heel girl or flats all the way?
Flats all the way baby! I don’t have heeled feet, and so walking with them is pain in the a** that said though, I am investing in wedges (got to get the swing in those hips)
You are a proud mummy, so has being a mum changed your way of dressing?yes? How?
YES! Now I have a whole new perspective on fashion. I avoid the sporty look as much as I can and go for clothes that show my curves in an elegant way. I now wear stunning simplicity!
What fashion advice would you like to give to out?
Despite the fashion trends, don’t be lied to,fabric matters a lot. I would avoid the nylon textures! Curve a personal style, don’t follow another’s style…you are unique. Find confidence in yourself.

Happy a Blessed beautiful Weekend. Peace!!!

Thursday, 6 June 2013


Hey Dolls

A lot of effort goes in to planning what you will  wear the next day . It may sound like a herculean task, but to choose the right shoes is pretty straight forward once you know how.

One of the most obvious tip is to pick shoes or boots that complement your outfit, and not ones that compete with it. If you are wearing a dress with prints or embellishments, then go for simple shoes, they work best.

Black shoes are an easy solution as they go with everything, but don’t be afraid to be more adventurous when it comes to color.

If a color is present in your outfit, you can always find shoes to match, or even something to complement your look, for instance gold shoes go perfectly with greens, reds and browns, and even black and white as well.

One of the main reasons an outfit just does not work, is because it is being paired with the wrong shoes.