Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Hey dolls,
A shirt dress is one of those items that can become a simple, effortless style statement and an easy option for creating style.Choosing the perfect shirt dress is all about choosing the right color and length.  Neutral colors are always a great color choice for your shirt dress.

Once you  choose your perfect color option, the next factor to consider is the length of your shirt dress. Length is one of those tricky style choices that can make or break your outfit.There are two important factors to consider when choosing length

First you need to consider your own height. Your shirt dress is the right length if it hits you just above the knee.
The next factor to consider when choosing your shirt dress is the fit of your shirt dress

. The button down version of my shirt dress is a more fitted option and must therefore be styled differently than the cotton option.

Once you choose your perfect shirt dress, the next trick is to figure out how to style it
.It is important to consider leggings with fitted options in order to account for how short the shirt dress becomes when in the seated position.