Friday, 24 May 2013


Hey Lovies
You know what day is today? and you know what that means? yes its guest day. so my guest for day is none other than super doper Effie Matara, i will describe her in two words HOT CHICA. i love her, enjoy

Tell me about your style
My style, mmh , I create my style. Very random staff in different colors. It’s a personal thing.

Where do you get your fashion inspiration from
People around Me., magazines, celebrities

As you know ladies like to collect things, what do you like to collect
Shoes…I love shoes especially heels

What are the key essential items you always have in your handbag
Lotion, sun- glasses, lip stick and eyeliner


What is a must have in your closet

.Dresses and skinny jeans....and don't forget the heels

Are you a trend setter ,a trend follower or both
Trend setter I suppose. I just do my own thing


Still on trends, what's your take on the latest trends?  Yay to all, or nay to some
Nay to some

  What do you need to complete your everyday look
Lipstick and eye liner – can’t do without

What don't we know about you as far as fashion is concerned
Am not choosy about where I buy stuff or how much, as long as its something I like. I keep it simple but classy

Are you a high heel girl or flats all the way

High heels of course, I mean am 155

In a scale of 1-10 where would you rank Kenya in terms of fashion compared to Dubai
Hands down Kenya is on point.  I always see something new and different every time. So Id say Kenya is 8 to 6 Dubai.*;) 

What fashion advice would you like to give to out
Wear what you like and are comfortable in, regardless of what people think…The best stylist there can be is yourself…Rihanna style baby

You had her, from its Bon Weekend Love phyl.