Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Hey dolls,
A shirt dress is one of those items that can become a simple, effortless style statement and an easy option for creating style.Choosing the perfect shirt dress is all about choosing the right color and length.  Neutral colors are always a great color choice for your shirt dress.

Once you  choose your perfect color option, the next factor to consider is the length of your shirt dress. Length is one of those tricky style choices that can make or break your outfit.There are two important factors to consider when choosing length

First you need to consider your own height. Your shirt dress is the right length if it hits you just above the knee.
The next factor to consider when choosing your shirt dress is the fit of your shirt dress

. The button down version of my shirt dress is a more fitted option and must therefore be styled differently than the cotton option.

Once you choose your perfect shirt dress, the next trick is to figure out how to style it
.It is important to consider leggings with fitted options in order to account for how short the shirt dress becomes when in the seated position.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Hey dolls,
Hope you'll are doing great, so,today i want to talk about how to dress to a cocktail party. Cocktail party attire isn't easy to figure out and can vary depending on the theme, time and type of cocktail party you're attending. To ease the confusion, here are some tips on how to dress for a cocktail party:

  • Follow the Theme: Cocktail party themes range from casual barbeque to an elegant evening of dancing. In many cases, the theme is indicated on the invitation and you can base what you wear from there. For example, if it is a casual afternoon cocktail party outdoors, dress comfortably and anticipate the weather. However, if it's at a restaurant, try something like a sundress or skirt for women and dress pants and shirt for men.

  • Decoding the Dress Code: Hosts will often note the dress code on the invitation. Instead of trying to interpret cocktail party clothes on your own, we have defined each one to make it easier.
  • Cocktail
    • Women: cocktail party dress, skirt and dress shirt, dress pants and dress shirt
    • Men: dress pants, button-down dress shirt, suit coat (optional)

  • Formal Cocktail
    • Women: formal short or full-length evening dress/gown
    • Men: tuxedo or full suit

  • Costume
    • Men & women: theme-appropriate costume, nothing too revealing
  • Corporate
    • Men & women: business attire

  • Upscale Casual
    • Upscale casual is code for a little nicer than normal, so men and woman should dress up a bit more than on a normal day (no jeans!)

  • Daytime Versus Nighttime: The time of day that the party takes place is also a factor in choosing the right cocktail party clothes.
    • Daytime: Daytime cocktail parties are generally more casual and laid back. Both men and women can wear comfortable casual party clothing that is seasonally appropriate.
    • Nighttime: An evening cocktail party will probably be more upscale. Wear a dress or a suit, accessorize and get your hair and makeup professionally done.


Friday, 19 July 2013


Hey Dolls,
So finally i can tell you what i have been working on, well, check and see for yourselves am so excited. But i will still be here, moving on, i love checking out peoples blogs and so i came around this DIY  and want to share with you. enjoy.


diy sequin shorts 192 h&m magazine a pair and a spare geneva vanderzeil
You need:
  • Denim shorts (I made mine from vintage jeans I found)
  • Sequin fabric
  • Tracing paper
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Pins
DSC_5242H&M sequin festival shorts1
How to:
1. You are going to do the embellishment in two different sections for each side of the shorts. First, lay the tracing paper on the top of one side of the shorts.
DSC_5255H&M sequin festival shorts2
2. Use a pen to trace where you want the sequins to go and then cut out a pattern to match the front panel of the shorts.
DSC_5267H&M sequin festival shorts3
3. Pin the pattern to the sequin fabric right side up.
DSC_5270H&M sequin festival shorts4
4. Cut the piece of sequin fabric out. Repeat for the other side of the shorts so you have two pieces of sequin fabric.
DSC_5277H&M sequin festival shorts6
5. Use your needle and thread to carefully sew the edges of the sequin fabric to the denim shorts – I ran along the edges to secure the sequins so they didn’t fall off where the fabric was cut. Do this for both pieces of sequin fabric, making sure to line up the middle seam carefully so there’s no gap.
DSC_5287H&M sequin festival shorts7
6.  Cut a slit so the beltloops of the jeans can still be seen and then sew around to secure. If required, trim any excess sequins along the hem and waistline.
DSC_5288H&M sequin festival shorts8
All done! Time to hit a festival, or the beach perhaps?
DSC_5341H&M sequin festival shorts diy sequin shorts 194


Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Hey Dolls,

Hope y'all are keeping up well. To all the expectant moms this is for you. Personally when i was preggers, playing dress up wasn't so fun at all times, considering that your body changes a lot. I understand it can be frustrating when each trimester requires slightly new duds. But the best advice i give you is don't stress, find something that is comfortable yet chic and stylish. Happy Mummy happy Baby. Here are a few Maternity wear tips.

Time to give your baby bump an edgy look.