Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Hey hey lovies,
Today  we talk about Nightwear, looking good and chic during the day whether in the office or running your errands to a date night or girls night out is one thing and having your sexy back in the bedroom is another thing all together.Whether you choose sheer nightwear or ratty old t-shirts, what you wear to bed each night says quite a bit about who you are.

This is true for all types of clothing; when women dress for the day, they are essentially getting ready to play a role. Busy mothers might put on comfortable jeans and warm sweaters. Polished businesswomen might opt for high-powered suits and sleek heels. Classroom teachers might choose modest dresses and casual flats. Why shouldn't these same women get to continue their role-playing well into the night, catering to themselves instead of the public by simply slipping between the sheets in sheer nightwear that instantly transforms them into sex kittens.
Well some women get themselves a sexy lingerie when they have a special occasion. Whether it's for their upcoming honeymoon, a partner's birthday or any other reason, wearing a sheer nightgown instead of that boring t-shirt and shorts can make you feel pampered and special.

This should not be the cause because every gal needs access to sexy lingerie to be feel fantastic and glamorous on those days when nothing else is going right. That's right ladies, if you're having a crap morning before work, don't put on your daggies and cotton tails and go to work. Instead, opt for that bright red and black lace bra & g-string set. Just the though and excitement of having it on should brighten your mood and lift your self confidence.
Although most equate wearing sheer nightgowns for special occasions, nothing is better than slipping one on after a long day and listening to soft music while drinking wine and indulging yourself.

The popularity and love for lingerie is definitely on the rise. Women of today know what they like and won't settle for anything short of fantastic.Why should you skimp when it comes to underwear anyway?
Wearing a sexy lingerie item, whether it be a tight fitting corset or a see through baby doll, if the lingerie item makes you feel fantastic then it is worth every shilling that you have paid for it.

So start loving and living for sexy lingerie. It doesn't just have to be about impressing about a man. Do it for yourself. Make sure you feel whole and love yourself, and then let the good times begin. Do it for the love of sexy lingerie.