Monday, 27 May 2013


I am officially a jewellery hoarder, to top it up i know how to make jeweleries, now, organizing these pieces can be hectic at times. Personally before i found a solution to my organization, it was would get depressed whenever i would look at my storage, earrings were all scattered and necklaces was even a worse situation not to even think about detangling. So i got a small box and wall hooks then did a very good coordination. If you have the same problem that i had not to worry, below is a few ways on how to deal with the situation.

Small Jewelry Dishes

Jewelry dishes are great to have to keep some of your baubles in one place. You can utilize them to hold rings, bracelets, or even earrings.I like the mosaic-printed dishes.

To save on cash, you may even use one of your small teacup saucers.

Ring Holder

Ring holders are great for stacking. Look for color or a cool print for added interest.

Jewellery Box

A jewelry box is a good option too since you can designate place to put your jeweleries when you take them off.

Jewelry Tree
 Jewelry tree are good for hanging bracelets, watches and necklaces.

Wall Hooks
I had the biggest problem in organizing my necklaces, so I decided to get plastic hooks and hang some of my necklaces on the wall.

Time to get organized, no more wardrobe clatter.



Hello Darlings,
Happy Monday, one of those days you wish weekends would be extended, oh well, too bad (laughs). Anyway  today i want to share with you some interview article i read over the weekend about a chic who has had her hair Natural since child birth can you believe it? Personally i can't , i have tried but no, though i love nappy hair. So if you have natural hair and experience difficulties with maintenance please read through below interview and you may find some help.

 Have you been natural all your life? If not why did you choose to return back to your natural tresses?

Yes, I’ve been rocking my natural hair since birth.

Do you have a haircare regime, if so what does it consist of?Unfortunately I don’t have a set regimen as I’m still experimenting with different products and techniques that suit my hair type. At the moment this is a basic overview of what I currently do and will continue to do until I’ve found the best technique:Wash my hair with the ‘Herbal Essences hello hydration moisturizing shampoo’ when necessary , and then apply the ‘Aphogee balancing moisturizer’. To finish it off I put my hair into twists while it’s still wet. I prefer doing this routine in the evening so that my hair can air dry throughout the night. By the morning I can add Shea butter, take down my twists and rock a defined twist out, which sadly always fails so I just end up rocking one of my go-to styles instead.

3 of your favorite hair products?

 Shea Butter

Spray Bottle Mix: I’m not sure if this counts but I find it so useful when handling my hair.
Coconut Oil

Your go-to hairstyle?

 I have two go-to styles as a matter of fact! If I’m not wearing one, I’m wearing the other. The first one consists of 2 cornrows and the rest of my hair tied up into a bun either high or low , and my second one is two cornrows around my head and secured into a bun… if that makes sense.

Have you made any mistakes/faced any major challenges with your natural hair? If so what? and what advice would you give to other naturals?

Yes , quite a few in fact! Before I started taking care and looking after my hair which was late last year I often went to bed with my hair out and woke up in the morning with a frizzy, untamed and uncontrollable mane. When in a rush I wouldn’t even think of detangling it, I would just pack it up and leave it like that.

Satin scarves were not on my to-do list before I went to sleep which wasn’t good as I lost a lot of moisture through my cotton pillow case.

I also used A LOT of heat , my blow dryer was always on my hair set on the highest setting .I used the blow dryer after I had finished washing my hair, when I took out my braids, after a rainy day out, basically any chance I had. I felt that it made my hair manageable and easy to control but I could gradually feel my hair drying out.

I took no notice which was the worst part and just applied any moisturizer to cover up the dryness, which obviously didn’t and wouldn’t work. The ends felt so horrible and dry, I came across so many split ends and every time I washed my hair there would be some straight strands which was so annoying, as I didn’t know they were heat damage I just thought they were stubborn strands of hair that wanted to do their own thing.

It came to a point where I was so fed up with feeling my dry unkempt hair every day. It wasn’t until early last November that I decided ‘enough was enough’, I had delayed cutting my hair for way to long and so I just went to the bathroom with my scissors and chopped a whole pile of my hair off! I’m just so happy and grateful that I made the choice to cut my hair at the right time and it feels and looks much healthier than before. :)

Quick word of advice -Try to minimize the amount of heat you use on your hair and sleep with a satin scarf/Satin pillowcase.

Any words of encouragement?

Experiment around and see what works best for you just keep in mind that we are all different, so just because someone has been able to achieve bra strap length 3 years after their big chop doesn’t mean the same will apply to you. Why? Because everyone is different. It’s solely up to you to find out what’s best for you.

Hope the information helps.