Friday, 17 May 2013


Hello Dolls,
Thank God it is Friday, yes, today is guest day,  and i have with me the super yummy Mummy, Wife, Doctor, Model, Fashionista, among other titles Mrs. Borna Nyaoke Anoke. I am so excited to have her here because i respect her so much and above all, she is a good friend of mine. Well, back to business, i asked her a few questions about fashion and this what she had to say. Enjoy;

 Tell me about your style
My style is personal. It’s a constant reinvention of different tastes.

Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?
I get creativity inspiration from fashion shows (local and international), magazines (Elle, vogue, Harper’s bazaar) and my surroundings.

Do you like to collect?Yes? What is your Obsession?

Actually, I'm not much of a collector but I love good shoes (Quality over quantity). If I'm in love with a shoe it doesn't matter what it costs, I just have to get.

   What are the key essential items you always have in your handbag?
My phone, wallet, Victoria's secret (body splash, hand moisturizer and lip gloss). Eye pencil and wet wipes.

what is a must have in your closet?
A hot pair of heels

Are you a trend setter ,a trend follower or both.
None of the above. Fashions fade, style is eternal as Yves Saint Laurent put it well.

So what's your take on the latest trends?  Yay to all, or nay to some?
 A definite nay to quite a few.

What do you need to complete your everyday look?

 Some major confidence and a killer smile.

What don't we know about you as far as fashion is concern?
Well I yearn on becoming a hair naturalista. Haven't been able to let go of my creamy crack yet.

Are you a high heel girl or flats all the way?
Both. My wardrobe actually consists of both extremes only.

Plain flats or heels 4inches and above only.

You are a proud mummy, so has being a mum changed your way of dressing?yes? How?
Yes. Especially having a daughter, I want her to be proud of her mummy.

To both be her inspiration and guidance. I wouldn't wear anything I wouldn't want to see her in but still be a cool mum.

Amazing gal, so ,what fashion advice would you like to give to out?
Find what fits your body shape, skin color, is suitable for your age and cultivate your style. Be free to experiment and ask for advice if need be. You'll find the best tidbits from the unlikeliest of places.

Well well that was it from this beautiful lady.
Have yourselves a lovely weekend, be kind to one another. PEACE!!!! BON WEEKEND!!!!