Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Everybody longs for an endless sunny season, as dressing for the season is so easy. It may seem as if heavy downpours make it difficult to make a fashion statement these days, but with well-chosen pieces, you won’t look like a wet rag in this wet season.


This is one of the best accessory to have in your bag,you never know when it pours. Have yourself a gorgeous and colorful umbrella that goes along with your outfit.


This season is the perfect excuse to say hello to fabulous boots. Boots are the perfect way to conceal your legs from the mud splatter and horrendous floods. For a classic look, opt for mid-calf or ankle boots paired with leggings or capris. You can also wear it with jeans with rolled up cuffs.
Leggings and hosiery

If you’re one of those girls who can’t seem to part with their cut-offs and denim skirts, fret not; there’s still hope for you. If you insist on wearing your short skirts and dresses, then better keep your legs protected with leggings and hosiery. Showing off your legs and your goosebumps during the rainy season is not sexy at all.

Cropped jeans, boyfriend jeans, or capris
It’s better for you to avoid wearing them full-length jeans during the rain because they tend to get heavy when wet, You can, however, roll up your cuffs or opt for cropped jeans or capris. They’re fun, functional, and chic if worn with the right heels or ankle boots

Knee-length skirts

These are not the skirts of your grandmothers, mind you. Knee-length skirts are chic, but only if you know how to don them in style. Wear it with romantic ruffles.The mini may be a classic, but the knee-length skirt holds it own better when the rain starts to pour.

Three-fourths and long-sleeved tops
Roll or scrunch up the sleeves when it’s getting warmer and roll them back down again when the weather feels nippy. Whatever your style preference may be, three-fourths and long sleeves are the way to go this season.


A scarf can be your only protection when a heavy shower starts pouring. A scarf, aside from being a fashionable addition to your wardrobe, can also protect you when harsh winds start blowing. Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that scarves are functional and fashionable at the same time.

leather bags or
Forget about canvass bags for now. Leather and plastic bags are the best totes this season because they are waterproof do not absorb water. You can even go an extra mile and start a green fashion revolution of your own and use plastic instead of leather. Not only do you get to strut around town with a fun bag, you get to help Mother Nature and keep your bag’s contents dry.