Friday, 10 May 2013


Hello Dolls,

Happy Friday, this is one of those days you will always find people happy, whichever the reason hey keep smiling. Okay, as i promised that i would be having a guest every week, today my guest is the drop dead gorgeous diva Miss Esther Musa, she is a blogger, actress and business lady. Get to know her more and what she has been upto.

1. Tell me about your style
My style is all round, funky, elegant, classy , fun..I love experimenting  alot.

2. Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?
Well I get my fashion inspiration from style pantry, MimiG style, Wendy NGuyen(both fashion bloggers), celebrities.

3. Okay interesting choice there, girl, moving on, as you know ladies like to collect things, what do you like to collect?
This is so easy, first I have a love affair with shoes so that’s what I collect a lot, am a shoeholic to be precise.
.i buy...and i don't even get wear some.

4. What are the key essential items you always have in your handbag?
I always have lipstick, phone, wallet, sleek powder, camera, hand sanitizer, lotion and perfume

5. Are you a trend setter, a trend follower or both?
Trend setter definitely

6. Still on trends, what's your take on the latest trends?  Yay to all or nay to some?
Honestly I don’t know about the latest trends,
i think fashion comes from within, Its just your style that portrays you.

7. What do you need to complete your everyday look?
My look for the day will depend on my moods.

8. Are you a high heel girl or flats all the way?
I do both, heels and flats, although i do heels a lot.

9. I know you are a multi talented divalicious from acting to modeling, so what are you currently working on that we should be on the look out for?
I have a blog and a facebook page called "how I see It" which i started in M
arch this year about image, am leaning towards becoming an image consultant, so those two are a start and also putting up a business which i will let you in on the details once its up. It’s on the pipeline at the moment, and thanks for the kind words.
facebook page..

11. Of course you are welcome darling, so, what fashion advice would you like to give to out?
Wear what makes you comfortable not what you see on people.

It was so nice have you here Esther, have a lovely weekend dearests.

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