Friday, 31 May 2013


Hello my Loves!
Happy Friday y'all! It's guest day yipeee!!!! So today we do things differently, our guest today is a gentleman yes, ladies, eye candy mmmh... he is called Nouras Jaber.. Asked him a few question about fashion and himself in general and here is what he had to say.

Tell me about your style?
I'm a modern guy who likes to keep up to date with the latest trends but also like to put my own twist on style.

Where do u get your fashion inspiration?
For me I'm inspired by the media as they are fashion footballers celeb etc

What is a must have in your closet?
Must have is a white shirt

What is a fashion no no for you?
White socks with black shoes no no no

Have you ever had a fashion ooops! Moment?
Went to beach and another guy was wearing exactly the same thing i was wearing(swimming suite).

Are you a “shoppaholic"?yes? What would you say you love to shop most?
No but i tend to buy statement pieces that can b mixed and matched so no need continually shop.I can alternate outfits to make them new.

What is your all time vintage retro style?
I am more classic retro.I like classic pieces like black suite and white shirt.

What's your take on the latest trends.
Geek chic.

Do you think ladies fashion style has improved?
I think ladies fashion just evolves from decade to decade .Fashion comes back on trend in a more updated version.

Do you wear accessories?
Yes sometimes like scurf, necklaces, watches...


What fashion advice would you like to give out to all the gentlemen.
Stick with fashion that works for yo and don't be lead so much by all the trends because it doesn't always work for everyone.. But at the end of the day, be classic because you can never go wrong.

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