Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Hey Lovies

Fashion has evolved in a way that it allows for lots of different patterns of material, including stripes of all sizes and colors. Do you love stripes, but you find yourself uncertain as to how to fashionably incorporate stripes into your wardrobe? Not to worry, here are ways on how to wear stripes in a tasteful manner.

Striped Dress/Top.
Striped top can be worn in several ways. For instance, you may wear a red striped outfit over a cream colored top and slacks. This will slim your body, and the top will help make the outfit pop with color

Striped Jacket. If you wear a striped jacket, make sure that you incorporate it in a classy way.  Select out a neutral colored top, slacks, and shoes all in the same color. You can even wear a red top,red jeans, and red shoes, with a striped jacket


Striped Pants/ Skirts.
When you are wearing a pair of striped pants, save yourself the trouble of looking large by wearing a dark solid top like brown or black with the striped pants. Stripes can make your backside look wide, but a solid top can help with this. And if you are large, avoid horizontal stripes completely

Striped Shoes. Add some quick fun to your wardrobe by wearing a pair of striped shoes. If you're lucky enough to own a pair, then enjoy them by wearing with a solid colored outfit

Striped Bag/ Hair accessories. When you carry a striped bag or even wear a striped hair accessory, do the same as you did with the striped shoes.Do not let stripes drown you out either. Instead let them liven up your wardrobe by wearing a minimal amount of stripes



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