Monday, 19 August 2013


Hey Loves
Hope y'all are doing great. So here are more some DIY (do it yourself). My new addiction, i like it though, and thought i should share with you my lovies.
  • 1 Pair ballerina flat shoes 
  • 1 Yard of 2” satin ribbon (always get a couple inches extra)
  • 2 Rhinestone buckles
  • Glue 
  • Hot glue 
  • Needle & thread
  • Scissors
Puritan Ballerina Flats DIY Supplies
Step 1
Measure across the toe box on your shoes, exactly where you will want your ribbon to go. Then cut 2 pieces of your ribbon to that length, with a little extra (just in case).
Step 2
Lay your cut pieces of ribbon out flat and set your buckle on top, measure where you will make your hole, “to buckle your shoes”. Once you’ve measured, pierce a hole in your ribbon with your scissors.
Step 3
“Buckle your shoes” by feeding your ribbon through your buckle.
Step 4
Glue your buckles to your shoes. Then you’ll need to let it dry for a few hours before continuing.
If you’re using hot glue, apply your hot glue directly to the top of your shoe where you will be placing your buckle and press your buckle into it. Hold it until it dries/cools.
Step 5
Once your glue is dry and your buckle is secure, pull your ribbon gently but firmly toward the sole of your shoe. Mark a line, on your ribbon, along the edge where the upper part of the shoe meets the sole. Cut your ribbon along the line where you marked it.Puritan Ballerina Flats How to DIY
Step 6
Using your hot glue, place a line of glue on your shoe along the edge where you want to glue your ribbon to your shoe.Puritan Ballerina Flats DIY Detail
Step 7
Take your remaining ribbon and cut it in half. Take one piece of your ribbon and your needle and thread, fold your edge over about a ¼ inch and stitch it down right along the edge. Then continue making small pleats until you feel your ruffle is wide enough for your shoe. When you get to the end trim your ribbon and fold it over the same as you did at the beginning about a ¼ inch and stitch it down.
Make 2.
Step 8
Attach your ruffles just inside your shoes with your hot glue, be careful not to put too much hot glue or it will squish out and add extra bulk you don’t want.Puritan Ballerina Flats DIY RuffleDIY Puritain Ballerina Flats
Try it out, i will too and post in the comment box thanks.

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